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Best Gigabit Wireless Routers

Technology has advanced over the recent years with different manufacturers coming up with a variety of wireless routers. It makes it difficult to determine the one with a better performance since they almost have similar characteristics. However, you can always find one that suits your preference according to the features they possess. There are five criteria used in identifying the best gigabit wireless router.These best wireless routers include a ramification of abilities.

Clean wireless

The 5GHz is preferable compared to the 2.4 GHz making it a cleaner frequency. If you have a wireless router that supports the 5 GHz frequency band, you are guaranteed of less noise or interference. The best gigabit wireless router should be capable of supporting the dual-band and 802.11a technology. They are effective the fact that they operate in the 5 GHz frequency band.

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Increased speed

The best gigabit wireless router should have the 802.11n technology which is a ratified version of the routers. It is capable of transmitting data in high speeds throughput. Being powered by the latest technology, you benefit from the enhanced speed of data providing a stable internet connection.

A stable data throughput

Video streaming and gaming are known to be high intensive bandwidth applications that require consistent data transmission. It allows them to operate with a jitter-free or lag-free performance. The best gigabit wireless router supports allows for multimedia traffic prioritization by supporting the Quality of Service technology (QoS).

Should cover a longer range

The Multiple-in Multiple-out (MIMO), is one of the best technology that provides a further distance range, adopted for the wireless devices. It also works effectively when combined with the wireless N. The MIMO technology has been useful and determines the best gigabit wireless router in delivering a longer distance coverage.


The latest security technology is used to power most of the new gigabit wireless routers available in the market. Some of these features include the VPN pass-through, WPA/WPA; NAT and SPI firewall. It has also been designed to support the multiple SSID which offers a secure guest access. It allows your business visitors to gain access to the internet without interfering with your private network resources. Providing the guest access with a security boundary has made the gigabit wireless routers more secure and guaranteed privacy.


Before you purchase any gigabit wireless router, you can always use these criteria in identifying one that offers the best performance. You are assured of a stable and secure internet connection, a high speed and one that covers a longer coverage according to your desired expectations. You can also examine our consumer guide, this guide is highly informative.